Shahi Imam of Delhi said that terrorists betrayed Islam

Delhi Jami Mosque, or Shahi Mosque, one of India’s most respected institutions. Its first name was “Mosque Jahan Numa”, or “Mosque entitled to the view of establishing control over the world”, this Shahi building symbolizes the unity of the Muslims of India.

Muslims are praying in Delhi's Jami Mosque (Shahi Mosque).  The present Shahi Imams of this mosque, or the political leaders led by the Prayer, are in the front row to protest against the false propaganda of the terrorists using the holy Qur'an for the sake of violence.  [Vijay Mathur / Reuters]

Muslims are praying in Delhi’s Jami Mosque (Shahi Mosque). The present Shahi Imams of this mosque, or the political leaders led by the Prayer, are in the front row to protest against the false propaganda of the terrorists using the Holy Qur’an for the sake of violence. [Vijay Mathur / Reuters]

Its Shahi Imam, or the prominent leader of the leader of the prayer, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, denounce terrorism as a tool for the rebels and condemns it in a clear language.

In an exclusive interview with Khabar South Asia, Shahi Imam says that Islam calls for “universal peace and prosperity for humanity”.

“Therefore, we want to ask those who have committed these horrendous crimes in the name of Islam, if they are faithful to their religion. Are they not using the name of the Qur’an for their own interests? It is a matter of self-determination and only through awareness can it be resolved “.

As the 13th descendant of Jami Masjid’s hereditary head and the original Shahi Imam of the mosque, Bukhari sees 178 million Muslims in India as a leader in religious matters, and sometimes his words influence the political motion nature of the world’s largest democratic country.

His late father was remembered as a fearless supporter of peace and justice, his name was Syed Ahmed Bukhari. In the backdrop of the continuing threat of terrorism, he established a non-governmental organization called Jama Masjid United Forum in 2005 to promote universal peace and goodwill among different communities. Now, the sponsor of the current Shahi Imam.

Recalling his father, Shahi Imam said: “I did not just love my father, but I respected him and tried to imitate him. He always advised me to fight against oppression and he used to tell me never to surrender before a repressor. I have tried to follow his principles “.

Shahi Imam has organized many programs to condemn terrorism as a great devil. He recalled “International Conference on Islam and Terrorism” in May 2007 and organized an international conference on terrorism in June of the following year.

The conference’s announcement urges the participants to “encourage discussion and exchange as varied as possible through it and do not regard any terrorist activity or its identity or profile knowingly or unknowingly with its community or its source”.

“Islam does not support terrorism or terrorism in any way,” said Shahi Imam. “Muslims and terrorism are completely located in two poles. Religious, Political or Social Belief – Regardless of any reason, Islam forbids killing innocent people.

“Islam teaches its followers to build relationships based on love, peace, mutual respect, and trust”.

Senior leaders of all major faiths including Dalai Lama and Catholic Archbishop of Delhi Vincent Mikhail Conceasao were present at the conference, as well as several Indian ministers and political and social leaders in the Muslim world.

Shahi Imam said, he believes that the fight against terrorism will not be won without the moral and religious mischief preached by the people of the violence.

“The Holy Qur’an advises them to ensure that no innocent person gets hurt in the hands of believers. ‘Believers, if a wicked person brings a message to you, then search carefully about it so that you do not harm others indiscriminately, and then you have to repent for what you have done’, ‘Surah 49, verse 6 of the Holy Qur’an. He said referring, he said.

Referring to the Prophet Muhammad’s example, Shahi Imam says: “The Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), during the whole of 13 years of torture in Mecca, was an expression of tolerance and patience. His behavior with his extreme enemies was the best example for his followers “.

Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal emperor of India, built Jami Mosque in the 17th century, and in 1656 AD, the martyr Imam was completing the spiritual responsibility that the Emperor had entrusted to Syed Abdul Gafur Shah Bukhari.

Since then, this responsibility has been entrusted to the Imam’s eldest son. The 13th descendant of the current Shahi Imam Syed Bukhari.

The Jame Mosque, opposite the Red Fort, is one of the most important symbols of Delhi. Located on a hill, this mosque has three big gates, four towers, and two 40-meter-high monuments.

There is a vast rectangular complex in the mosque so that around 25,000 people can pray regularly, and there is a huge hall with 260 pillars with the front arches topped with many domes.

Its architecture is composed of Islamic and Indian styles, and it is open to everyone regardless of color, gender, nationality or belief.

“The mission of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was very relevant today as it was during his lifetime,” said Shahi Imam.

“True, justice and compassion must maintain the same principles. Their followers will claim that love, service, and humanity has to be developed from their heart, who will claim themselves.”


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