Table Tennis in Asia

Table Tennis is a renowned game in the Asian countries. The 48-member continent has a heavy investment on Ping Pong game resulting in marvelous achievements in Table Tennis World Championships. To maintain the legacy, Asia Table Tennis Union was formed in 1972 to define the course of table tennis in the continent. Through the union and in conjunction with the International Table Tennis Championships they hold biennial Asian Table Tennis Championships to get the best players to represent the continent at the World Championships.

Different countries in the continent have a diverse curriculum in high school and college level, a similar strategy in the education system in the countries is nurturing of talent from a younger age. The education institutions have defined sporting activities with major emphasis on Table tennis. This is evident in many continental table tennis competitions and championships to sharpen their sporting skills in the game.

The top most Table Tennis players in international championships hail from this continent. The main reasons for this include:

 Intensive training in camps

Once a child shows interest in the game, the skill and talent are nurtured in training camps with experienced mentors who ensure the child undergoes an intensive training right from a younger age and grows the talents in tournaments, championships to sharpen the skills.

 Heavy investment in Table Tennis equipment

Any playground in Asia countries majorly China, Japan, and Korea have a permanent tennis table made of cement, all one needs is a ball and a butt plus its an amateur tools to have a great game. When there is an untapped talent, automatically they join the training camp for further training.

Table tennis is a game, which requires a perfect body for intensive training to take control over the ball. The training camps are fitted with state-of-the-art gym equipment to build muscle mass and muscular strength to allow the players gain muscular endurance for an intensive game.

 Quality table tennis

The Asian continent hires top-notch Ping Pong coaches to give their children a touch of experience and professionalism in coaching. That means, the players have rules of the game readily available from a young age and they grow in them. When they go for tournaments and competitions, they are confident for a win. In addition, there is power in numbers. Anyone interested in playing table tennis at any level receives enough support from the local state offices and escalates it to higher authorize to maximize their manpower resources in the game.

 International partnerships

Specific countries in the continent like China, contract international coaches and motivational speakers on the sport to encourage their players and give them tips and advises to achieve the best. Any recommendation by experts is implemented for the sake of the success of their players.

Table Tennis is compared to Soccer in Europe. The heavy investment and good remuneration of their players motivate them to achieve their best. In addition, they run motivational programs to their fellow countrymen to ensure the legend is passed from generation to generation. The support from the government in sport is paramount for the success of any sport.


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