List of top dogs sacrificed to make the world a better place

  The scourge of terrorism has spread its tentacles far and wide, therefore, it forced countries to unite together in order to counter the evil designs of the terrorists. Military and police departments are coordinating with each other to save the lives and properties of the people but do you know that dogs are also playing an important role in identifying the bombs and the miscreants holed up in inaccessible places. If the explosives are timely detected, the bomb squad may diffuse them quickly and prevent inevitable carnage. There are so many instances of bravery shown by dogs that it is difficult to compile them in the write up however some of the dogs sacrificed in terrorism are listed below:


The hero dog of Mumbai Police has created a record of sorts by finding 8 KG of RDX at the Taj Mahal hotel in a terrorist attack in the year 2008. Imagine the destruction caused by such an explosion. The Mumbai terrorist attack killed no less than 166 people but Caesar prevented further massacres with his top class detection capability. In addition, the canine also detected the presence of Bomb in CST area of Mumbai.


 Diesel was a Belgian shepherd dog accompanying the French counter raid against the terrorists in Paris. Cops conducted the operations after the Islamic terrorist groups struck the city and killed more than 130 people. Diesel identified the location where the terrorists were hiding but couldn’t survive the cross firing and died within minutes after receiving the bullets.


Ricky, the German Shepherd dog working with the Canadian military officials in Afghanistan died during the search operation in a village. The pet saved lots of lives by identifying the hidden IEDs but its luck eventually ran out. In short, the gorgeous looking dog became a hero fighting against the Taliban marauders.


 Another dog who left the world recently was an epitome of bravery while delivering valuable services in the area of conflict. Buster was deployed by the UK army and was instrumental in sniffing explosives in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. By delivering exemplary performance, the top dog became the recipient of the Dickins Medal in the UK.

Canines have been used since time immemorial in wars by the armies and the tradition continues unabated till today. They have enhanced power to smell the presence of hidden explosives that are undetected through conventional means. In recent times, lots of dogs sacrificed their lives in the killing fields of Afghanistan. They not only guard the military facilities but also help the soldiers to find the hidden terrorists. Pets are used with the fair amount of success while conducting door to door search. The presence of guns in the vicinity alerts the canines and them, in turn, notify the handlers of the impending danger.

With dogs, the chance of success in counter-terrorism operation is next to nothing. If not for them, we would have been losing lots of human lives. They have sacrifice themselves for us instead of just being a celery-chomping dog or them just happily eating a pineapple( in  the corner. Daredevil stories of the pets sniffing the explosives abound the newspaper and would continue to do so in the near future. Thanks to them and their trainers that we can stay safe and secure in our neighborhood.



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