Common Home Tools Used For Terrorism


Tools are an indispensable part of life in the modern world. Human capabilities are limited by the fact that the body is only able to do so much. Our body is great at doing a few things but not so good at others. The design of the body limits what people can do. Tools allow us to overcome these limitations. They lift the barrier and allow us to accomplish a lot more. Tools are an extension of our own body. Their manipulation is second nature to those that use them often.

Common home tools are a class of tools which are of particular interest. This class of tools consists of things like screwdrivers, wrenches, and drills. They’re the most widely used and popular tools. That’s because they’re pretty versatile in terms of what they can get done. They make a host of household tasks easy to do. They’re especially useful for routine tasks which are required to maintain a house.

Their popularity is only aided by their widespread availably. There are a number of outlets from where one could obtain household tools like saws, drills, and brushes from. Homedepot is perhaps the most people. Homedepot has several outlets across America which sell just about anything that a homeowner could require. Of course, local hardware stores also stock up on good quality tools.

As useful as household tools are, they can be dangerous if not handled properly. They’re designed to deal with tough inanimate targets. Using them on humans could have disastrous consequences. Common home tools which most people think of as being harmless can be devasting if fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, there’s one group of people that routinely abuses these tools to carry out heinous crimes.

They are terrorists. Terrorists have been responsible for causing a number of tragedies in recent history. They are people who orchestrate attacks on the civilians of foreign countries. They’re a threat to modern society and a cause of great concern. With terrorists around, residents of countries around the world can never feel safe. Terrorists are most typically known to strike using guns or bombs. A little-known fact is that they are actually capable of killing and harming people using other things as well.

There have been instances in the past where terrorists used home tools to carry out violent crimes. These instances weren’t widely reported and talked about because no one died in these attacks. After all, a home tool isn’t really designed for killing. It takes a lot of skill, training, and effort to execute someone with them. However, they’re still capable of severely harming a person.

Some of the common home tools used for terrorism are wrenches, hammers screwdrivers, the router table for home, knives and concentrated acid. The common thread that unites these tools is that they’re all potent in the wrong hands. Large and heavy wrenches and hammers are ideal for crushing. They can beat people to a pulp in a few hits. One hit to the head with one of these is enough to knock a person out. Screwdrivers, due to their streamlined body and sturdy handle, could be used for stabbing. The screwdriver’s head might have trouble penetrating the skin but once it’s penetrated, the screwdriver can stab through freely. Acid is probably the easiest to cause a lot of damage and wreak havoc with. It doesn’t require any physical strength to operate. Just throwing it onto someone is enough to permanently disfigure them for life.


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