Top country with most coffee consumption

The physical and health benefits of coffee together with a coffee culture for decades make it a popular drink in most countries. The increase in international prices of the bean is due to high demand for coffee in many households, mostly the developed nations. Based on International Coffee Association figures on coffee consumption, Finland takes the lead in coffee consumption at 9.6 per head followed by the following nations in a descending order Norway, Netherlands, Slovenia, and Austria. The major reason for high coffee consumption by the Finnish is a massive campaign by workers unions for employers to supply coffee during worker’s breaks. In addition, any meal in Finland has coffee as a drink and as an ingredient in solid meals. In fact, it is a tradition to have coffee on special occasions and celebrations in Finland.

The coffee culture dates from time immemorial where they would buy green coffee beans, roast, and brew coffee at home. The love for coffee among households comes from an integration of many cultures like the Lutheran and Turkish who love coffee that is why they choose to make coffee in built milk frother. People with Finnish friends do joke, “Meet a Finnish with cups of coffee, you will be more than friends”

 According to Business Daily, Finland is the highest importer of coffee. The affordability of a cup of coffee increases the consumption level. As low as 5 cents you get a cup of your favorite drink. The high affinity to coffee between the Finnish is also attributed to heavy investment by the State in the food industry. The chefs can make any recipe with coffee and still come out to be sweet and delicious. The stimulant has a low PH (acidic) through unique brewing skills by Finnish restaurant makes the drink very popular and sweet to its consumers. In addition, any literature about the Finish-poems, scripts, books, plays among others cannot miss the aspect of coffee a clear indication of its deep roots in the country.

The coffee business is a big industry and the government ensures little or no tax on coffee imports to maintain the culture and heritage. Cultural organizations in the country appreciate the legend through a display of various coffee brewing skills to depict the reality of coffee innovations and addiction among its citizens.

An event is not complete without a cup of coffee to climax the function. That is their
definition. Funny enough, they are passionate about the drink and it seems a policy to serve a guest with a hot cup of coffee. Stakeholders in the hospitality industry admit that their massive sales come from coffee lovers hence diverse recipes of the drink in their menu.

The country on the northern part of the globe is characterized by cold climate. Scientists believe the cold climate could be the reason for the high consumption. On the contrary, Historians notes, that in the 1700s, it was a drink associated by the high-class citizens in the country but somehow, entrepreneurs shortened the gap with low prices making it affordable for all. Visit Finland and sample varieties of coffee recipes, drinks and machine(




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