A Collaboration between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Kaluza to Innovate Smart Charging Services

Launched more than a hundred years back, for the same purposes that they were initially prevalent, electric vehicles have currently seen a surge in sales. Renewable sources like solar energy, wind power, and different forms of bioenergy would need to be implemented. Consequently, there are prospects for carbon reduction inside the automotive sector.   Ironically, it seems that the current transport industry could also offer an incentive for accelerated emissions reduction. Some innovations and policies mitigate transport pollution, like public transport, light-duty cars, start-up trains, advanced motor design, fuel replacement, and enhanced productivity. 

However, EV’s battery services form a significant disadvantage in innovation due to shorter distance coverage. Some electric vehicles can only cover 60 to 100 miles when fully charged, thus inconvenient for drivers with extensive commutes. Also, the charging time may take longer compared to conventional vehicles. For example, when a driver drops at a petrol station, it will take approximately ten minutes to fuel the car compared to an electric vehicle. Most electric cars’ charging time is about four hours for a full charge, while others take a whole day. Furthermore, there are fewer charging stations compared to petrol stations. 

The drawbacks have necessitated Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Kaluza collaborate to invent smart charging services. Conversely, the merger aims at providing cost-effective, sustainable, and simpler charging amenities. FCA clients will utilize Kaluza’s cloud platform. The collaboration will occur in distinctive phases seeking to smoothly incorporate the system to FCA’s customers using the Kaluza cloud platform. The first phase will entail innovating a smart charging service for the model Fiat 500 EV. The move will reduce the customers’ cost as the direct-to-car innovation will transmit data from local grid providers to translate car charging periods in low carbon intensity and cheap energy without separating the charging points.

According to FCA, a section of Fiat 500 EV clients will be nominated in the UK to try the services before the release. The clients will give feedback in designated forums at the beginning of 2021. On the other hand, Kaluza fully supports the smart charging technology as it utilizes its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that governs EV charging. The AI manages the vehicle-to-grid machines and intelligently balances and tabulate the price. The FCA manager, Roberto Di Stefano of the EMEA, stated that the collaboration would significantly lower the charging prices and ownership. Roberto further noted that the technology would facilitate the clients to encounter the advantage of using Fiat 500 EV without extra installation of charging devices.