Sweden Space Agency Finalizing on Planned Space Launch

Sweden’s financial body recently announced a plan to spend $10 million on an Esrange Space Centre upgrade. This upgrade will enable the center to facilitate the next series of space launches. According to reports, the plan will be underway by 2020 when test launches start. Esrange’s financial boosting us the second record in space exploration investing by the Swedish government. Previous investments include a 60-million-krona boost to upgrade a planned test site. 

Swedish government plans to use this investment to set it among the few countries that can launch satellites into orbit. However, there are rumors that the UK also plans to have a stake in orbital launches. This venture includes a proposition to integrate Richard Branson and flight-based company to provide the base for future launches into space. A successful launch from Virgin will establish the first in-country based launch station for the country. UK’s current launch station is on a disputable piece of land with France. 

Sweden’s space exploration plans began with looking into the option of an in-country launch in 2013. Sweden’s space exploration venture was initiated in 2013 with a test flight that was a proof of concept to help gather support. The country is so far prosperous in its space-based attempts. However, there are concerns over the capacity to launch rockets from the proposed Esrange Space Center. 

The center also received a 5,200 square kilometre allocation in the designated tundra region. This piece of land’s demarcation is to provide a buffer zone for launch stages to descend without endangering civilians. Space also acts as a reserve for reindeer in the region. 

The plan is of Sweden’s 300million krona development scheme. The project that started with an infrastructure modernization project in 2018 is now in its third phase. The second entry included building test stands to test-firing rockets. 

Sweden’s space agency, the Swedish Space Corporation, might host the launch. The Swedish Spaced Corporation controls activities on the Esrange Space Center but does not have a dedicated launch provider. There are talks about having a small launch company’s go step in as a launch provider. 

The SSC also plans to integrate the help of emerging German ventures like Isar Aerospace as well as Rocket Factory Augsburg. These parties will be useful for the initial rocket and stage testing of the project. Both ventures have a cumulative payload of 2300 kilograms expected to launch into the orbit