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Crop Micronutrients Market Expected to Witness Steady Expansion During 2028

Global Crop Micronutrients Market: Snapshot 

Various micronutrients such as boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc are essential for the growth of all crop plants. Though most are usually required in traces, their deficiency may hamper grain production. Some soils such as acidic soils meet most of the needs of crop micronutrients while the soils with high pH may typically lack essential set of micronutrients. The availability of crop micronutrients may be lacking for several factors. Usually, growing number of harvests to meet the rising worldwide food demand over the past decades has led to the depletion of micronutrients naturally present in the soil. Some types of soil are more vulnerable to this than the others. A case in point is peat soils characterized by high organic matter. Several other factors have been responsible for crop micronutrient deficiencies, thus underpinning the rising demands in the crop micronutrients market. A few are emphasized below.

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  • Adoption of intensive cropping systems over the past few years has accentuated the incidence of micronutrient deficiencies. In recent years, leaching and liming of acid soils has also bolstered the need for crop micronutrients.
  • Worldwide, farmers and growers are adopting high-purity chemical fertilizers and preferring them over manure. Growing popularity of modern crop cultivars has also worsened the natural availability of crop micronutrients.
  • Various methods have emerged in recent years that help farmers determine the extent of micronutrients deficiency in soils. They take numerous factors into account such as redox potential, biological activity, and clay contents to determine the availability of crop micronutrients.
  • On the other hand, better understanding of plant growth factors of the micronutrient needs of the crops has boosted the crop micronutrients market. Extensive research on micronutrient availability bodes well for future prospects for the crop micronutrients market.

Global Crop Micronutrients Market: Overview

An upcoming report on global crop micronutrients market by TMR Research could be a valuable source of information for major stakeholders in the market. The report would offer a brilliant study of the market with its focus on market dynamics, segmentation, and geographical outreach. It could prove to be a useful guideline for players wanting to cement their position in the global crop micronutrients market.

Micronutrients are essential elements for plant growth and play a major role in other metabolic activities in plants. Micronutrients such as iron, zinc, boron, and copper help in balancing crop nutrition. They are advantageous in the areas such as improving color, quality, taste, water use, efficiency of fertilizers, and disease resistance. Along with these, micronutrients also help in promoting better plant immunity, developing large and strong roots, and building complete proteins and compounds. Inadequate supplement of micronutrients in plants result in slow growth, abnormality, and reduced yield.

Global Crop Micronutrients Market: Trends and Opportunities

Growing demand for effective fertilizers to improve poor soil quality, increasing consumption of food, and rising population is believed to be driving the global crop micronutrients market.

Micronutrients are advantageous in upping production of food. And, with the burgeoning world population, sales in the global crop micronutrients market is set to rise in the near term. Farmers are seen incorporating essential ingredients with micronutrients in the form of fertilizers which offers increased yield. The lack of micronutrients can cause various diseases in plants such as yellowing of leaves, chlorosis, gummosis and others.

Growing demand for maintain the quality and quantity of the plants, increasing usage of micronutrients in various crops such as fruits and vegetables, oilseeds, pulses, and cereals and grains, and rising demand for biofuels over conventional fuels are projected to propel the expansion in the global crop micronutrients market. However, lack of awareness among farmers about proper dosage and applications of micronutrients may hinder the growth in the global crop micronutrients market. However, such deterrents may not impact the robust growth momentum of the global crop micronutrients market in the near term.

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Global Crop Micronutrients Market: Market Potential

The adoption of new methods by farmers for improving productivity is believed to be fuelling the global crop micronutrients market. Chemical fertilizers that consist of micronutrient provides protection to the crops from UV radiation as well as insects. Crop micronutrients are available in the form of chelated and non-chelated micronutrients. Zinc is extensively used as a micronutrient in the soil for better growth and productivity of agricultural crops. Thus, farmers are choosing zinc more often for preparing standard fertilizers. Huge applications of micronutrients in fertigation, foliar, ad seed treatment are expected to give a thrust in the global crop micronutrients market.

Global Crop Micronutrients Market: Regional Outlook

Region wise, Asia Pacific is expected to lead the global crop micronutrients market. This is because of the growing demand for high-quality food, rising population, and increasing acceptance of micronutrients by farmers. Other prominent regions in the global crop micronutrients market are North America, Europe, and LAMEA. Increasing agricultural practice is the only major factor fueling the growth in the global crop micronutrients market in these regions.

Global Crop Micronutrients Market: Competitive Dynamics

Some of the prominent players operating in the global crop micronutrients market are Aries Agro, Compass Minerals International, DowDuPont, and Western Nutrients Corporation. The upcoming TMR Report would provide crucial information on their product offerings, market standing, and strategies for progress.

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