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Digestive Health Supplements Market Analysis of Key Players, End User, Demand and Consumption By 2028

Global Digestive Health Supplements Market: Overview

The science behind digestive health has advanced stridently over the past couple decades. Gut problems and digestive diseases have no longer remained under the sole ambit of pharmaceuticals; functional food manufacturers have been attracted its growing potential. The emergence of probiotics and the vast attention it has garnered around the world in functional food industry is key underpinnings to the rapidly evolving digestive health supplements market. The vast purported benefits of probiotics to improve the digestive health in general and also to provide relief to diarrhea underscore the growing prospects in the market.

Prevalence of difficult-to-manage and chronic gastrointestinal disorders have also been generating encouraging dollars opportunities to the digestive health supplements market. Growing role of probiotics in favorably altering the gut microbiota has advanced the management of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and other chronic inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract.

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Global Digestive Health Supplements Market: Growth Dynamics

Growing safety and nutritional aspects of digestive health supplements has helped them to spawn into a billion-dollar market. However, it is important to distinguish scientifically-backed effect from the overarching hype. Over the past few years, digestive enzyme supplements have gathered tremendous steam in populations around the world, opening a vast potential in the digestive health supplements market. This is attributed to the low levels of production of digestive enzymes by the body mainly due to the presence of gastrointestinal conditions.

The digestive health supplements market has seen a deluge of supplements containing digestive enzymes. In developed nations, their production is well-regulated for most part, and over-the-counter (OTC) digestive enzyme supplements do not fall under medications. Despite the low side effects these health supplements, a few have squarely not met the expectations of consumers. Hence, the revenues from the sales of these digestive health supplements is usually not steady; though they may be significant.

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Many life sciences companies in the health supplements market are pinning great hopes on properties of probiotic bacteria and the profound role they are likely to play for human health. Growing array of microbial species and advances made in understanding their mechanism for probiotics have spurred investments by food companies in the digestive health supplements market. However, the clinical efficacy of many of the currently available products are under scanner, as their health benefits need to be properly documented in scientific studies.

Global Digestive Health Supplements Market: Notable Developments

Life sciences companies in various parts of the world are striving to come out with supplements with novel action on gut health. Recently, an Australian-based life sciences company Anatara Lifesciences has come out with a health supplement that has the potential to reprogram the gut microbiome. The company has been attracted toward the incredible potential of gastrointestinal health industry. The product will effect both colon and small intestine, and contains an enzyme from pineapple stem as one of the active ingredients. The ingredient has the potential to treat inflammation and consequent diarrhea caused by IBD and IBS. Particularly, the ingredients in the digestive health supplements can restore hemostasis in gut microbiome.  Moreover, in the coming years, the company intends to test its supplement in carefully planned human clinical trial.

Several other companies eye a large unmet need in the digestive health supplements market for treating diarrhea. They are also investment sizably in clinical trials to earn scientific backing for their products.

Some of the key players in the digestive health supplements market are:

  • Nestec SA
  • Nutrica NV
  • Lonza Group
  • Alimentary Health Limited

Global Digestive Health Supplements Market: Regional Assessment

Among the various regions in the digestive health supplements market, the market is growing at a rapid pace. The growth is spurred by growing investments by life sciences companies on developing supplements for treating a range of chronic inflammatory diseases. A growing body of clinical studies on digestive supplements has also cemented the potential of the regional market over the past few years. Other key regions in the digestive health supplements market are Europe and Asia Pacific.

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