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Catechin Market Predicted to Accelerate the Growth by 2018-2028

Global Catechin Market: Overview

Catechins have grown in popularity over the years in the functional food and nutraceuticals industry as the one of the most important ingredients of green tea. A growing body of in-vitro and in-vivo studies have reiterated on their antioxidant properties, inflaming interest of industry players. The extensive steam that green tea has gathered among worldwide populations, starting from Asian nations, has helped in the evolution of the catechin market. A growing number of epidemiological studies over the past few years has focused on the extent and utilization of antimicrobial properties of a range of catechins present in green tea – most notably of which are epigallocatechin (EGC), and (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG).

Rapid strides being made by researchers to develop functional foods in treating as well as preventing infectious diseases has propelled the growth of the catechin market. Some of the key application areas in the global catechin market are pharmaceutical, beverages, supplements, and mouth rinsing agents.

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Global Catechin Market: Growth Dynamics

Over the past few years, the nutraceuticals industry has benefitted from the growing body of research evaluating the metabolic and antioxidant properties of catechins. Recent studies in developed nations have shed light on the molecular mechanism of catechins, unlocking new prospects in the catechin market. They have shown a promising potential in managing multidrug resistance in cancers by emerging as a potential cancer chemopreventive.  The growing popularity of green tea has spurred food and beverages companies to utilize the health benefits of catechins and seek substantial sources revenues in the catechin market. One of the singular reasons attributing to the rise in popularity of green tea catechins is their cardiovascular effects; this has been one of the objectives of researchers.

Rising incidence of infectious diseases have expanded the scope of the pharmaceutical industry as well as functional food makers, world over. The marked morbidity and mortality of these diseases has led a large chunk of populations seek preventive remedies. A large number of clinical studies have been successful in projecting catechins as a promising antioxidant. The healthcare-associated infections has stimulated research on utilizing anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties that catechins come with help in the expansion of the catechin market. In the coming years, more experimental and epidemiological studies in this direction will unlock new potential in the catechin market.

Strides made by functional beverages market has propelled new avenues in the global catechins market. Several developing and developed nations over the past few years have witnessed a surge in investments. This is also fueling new opportunities in the catechin market.

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Global Catechin Market: Notable Developments

Anticancer effects of catechin green tea has been widely studied. In recent years, the catechin market has witnessed growing numbers of research on understanding the molecular mechanism of the compound that may be utilized in treating neurodegenerative diseases. Researchers contend that catechins may be helpful in managing Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by essentially correcting the imbalance of antioxidant properties and ROS in the affected.

A number of animal as well human studies in recent years have aimed at studying the beneficial effects of catechins in hard-to-treat diseases. The inclination of researchers to use catechins in onco-immunotherapeutic agent against the treatment of glioblastoma is a case in point. To this end, researchers have been working on the toxicity profile of stability, bioavailability, and toxicity of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), particularly in mice models.

A spate of studies have borne favorable results, thus expanding the potential of the global catechins market considerably.

Global Catechin Market: Regional Assessment

Regionally, both developing and developed regions of the world are emerging as potentially lucrative or promising in the catechin market. Asia Pacific has shown a vast potential, attributed to the strides that functional foods industry has taken in the last few years. Moreover, emerging economies of the region has seen rising industry funding on research and development activities. North America has remained as a lucrative region in the global catechin market for quite some time. The demands for novel ingredients for functional food and beverages have stirred notable developments in the regional market.

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